A-jiou Fishing Pole Spear Trigger (Two-Stage) Carbon 6′ Travel 3 Pieces Hawaiian Sling with 3 Prong Tip and Bag

A-jiou Fishing Pole Spear Trigger (Two-Stage) Carbon 6′ Travel 3 Pieces Hawaiian Sling with 3 Prong Tip and Bag
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For People Who Seek the spearfishing…
If you are interested in using pole spear for spearfishing, then you have come to the right place.
pole spear trigger will bring you a more interesting experience!

Different from an ordinary pole spear, it has many great designs and meticulous workmanship.
You can experience different spearfishing by the lake, the stream, and the sea.
Control pole spear more easily, so that those who choose to use pole spear can enjoy spearfishing.

A Few Reasons You Will Love A-Jiou Pole Spear Trigger :
.Well Made: Strong and Sturdy Construction
.Excellent trigger handle (Two-Stage system)
.Provides two loading positions, providing different speed and power options
.Weight balance design can improve higher penetration force, suitable for long-term water cruises
.The trigger enters the load, and it can launch to the target for the first time

.The sling system can be increased to double slings
.Made of smooth solid carbon fiber tube and stainless steel
.Carbon fiber provides higher rigidity, reduces shaking, and improves output speed
.Just the right configuration (3 Pieces Travel bag length 70cm)

.AISI 631 heat-treated stainless steel3 Prong tip with barb:11″ long
.Pole Spear Total length: 6′ (70″)
.Break down length: 23″ pole + 18″ pole + 13″ pole + 11″Prong tip
.Thread Specification: M8*1.25
.Original design and manufacturing from Taiwan, hope to provide you with a good choice
Made in Taiwan
SPEARFISHING is the happiness of self-sufficiency, one of the motivations of this activity.
Use more powerful Band/Sling with triggers to prepare for a SPEARFISHING event at any time
Using it in lower temperature water can also make POLE SPEAR TRIGGER work for you, allowing SPEARFISHING activities in the four seasons
A-Jiou Pole Spear Trigger allows you to enjoy the spearfishing process

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